CardStories: The eternal tension between prostitution and entrepreneurship

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Originally submitted as “The eternal struggle between prostitution and entrepreneurship.”

In my first posting overseas, one of the host country nationals in our IT shop worked a lot of late hours.  He’d happily stay in the office far into the evening. We were all impressed with his dedication to duty until we found out he was using the company’s reliable, high-bandwidth internet connection to download gigabytes of hardcore pornography, which he then burnt onto DVDs and sold in the local market.
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Introducing CardStories with “Giardia burps!”

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Now that you’ve had a chance to play your JadedAid deck a few times you are probably wondering how we came up with all of these hilarious cards! The answer…by crowdsourcing ideas from aid workers like you!

The cards are funny because each card is grounded in truth and we’re pumped to announce the launch of CardStories – a series of posts where the people behind the cards share their inspiration.

Get ready to laugh and cry with us each week when we release a new CardStory!

First up… Giardia burps!

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Card Stories: Educated Angry African

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IMG_4848Here’s the truth. I am not by nature an angry person. But I am educated. And I am African Yes, from the whooole continent! I am at once from Alexandria. And from Nairobi. And Kinsasa. And Durban. Most of the time, I am level-headed and informed by years of Western-style education. I may be a member of the continent’s far-flung, highly-educated Diaspora. But to the subject of this post, the Educated Angry African (EAA) card applies to the collective of African intellectuals passionate about contributing to the development of the continent.

When we talk about the Development Industrial Complex (DIC), we seldom think about the complexion of the professionals that graduate into this field and carry out various developmental directives in countries far from their origin (read brown people countries). For a continent with over 1 billion people, it is alarming how few brown people I come across that actually occupy positions of true professional influence in the DIC. Brown people are often relegated to low-level support roles – drivers, translators, facilitators, errand boys, and the rare, tokenized Program Director or Country Director. There are few significant roles at the World Bank occupied by Africans in the World Bank. Most of the high-level positions in the Africa Division surprisingly aren’t held by Africans.

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What Do JadedAid Card Suggestions Say About Development?

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1446441715367From the beginning we’ve thought of JadedAid as a project for and by the international development community. We’ve crowdsourced card ideas through social media, on our website and at design parties in cities across the world.

So far we’ve received more than 2,174 card suggestions! It’s incredible! We’re all about data-driven decision-making at JadedAid so we’re not only going through to pick our favorites but looking for trends. We thought it would be fun to share a bit more about what we are seeing in the data.

Card suggestions tend to fall into two categories: 1) things you think are funny and 2) things you think are broken.

What’s funny?


Actually “poop” does not show up in the Top 100 words, but only because you’ve all been pretty creative in your phrasing, branching out with more descriptive terms such as “fecal sludge,” “the shits,” “human waste,” “leakage” and “sharts.” And then there are 12 different references to various types and uses of toilets and 8 references to Ciprofloxin.

Other than bodily functions, there are a ton of suggestions around malaria medsselfies and sex (mainly with co-workers and/or in uncomfortable places like under a mosquito net).

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