Celebrate Dennis Rodman Diplomacy with 20% Off JadedAid

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Dennis Rodman Diplomacy

WASHINGTON, D.C.For Immediate Release, April 1, 2017 – JadedAid is proud to announce that we are the official sponsors of Dennis Rodman Diplomacy, a new era in bilateral relations between the United States of America and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

President Donald J. Trump made the announcement earlier today that Dennis Keith “The Worm” Rodman will now be the special envoy for North Korea to assist the President in his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

As Special Envoy to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Mr. Rodman will assume leadership of US-DPRK relations, fulfilling a key gap in State Department staffing.

Mr. Rodman intends to initiate North Korean negotiations with a more relaxed approach than previous overtures, seeking to build rapport with Chairman Jong-un in preparation for his historic meeting with President Trump through “Dennis Rodman diplomacy.”

dennis rodman diplomacy jadedaid

As part of his new role, Mr. Rodman will eschew previous support from PotCoin, a digital currency for the cannabis industry, Paddy Power, an online betting service, and “consultants”, for his North Korean visits. Instead, Mr. Rodman will include playing JadedAid, a card game to save humanitarians, in his official duties.

“We are proud to support Dennis Rodman diplomacy,” said JadedAid co-founder Wayan Vota, “He represents the true spirit of JadedAid – comedic tragedy in the midst of chaos. To celebrate, we are having a 20% off sale today in the USA and Canada, and proceeds will go towards realizing his unique style of bilateral negotiations.”

Due to continued staff changes at the White House, including changes that may have happened during the publication of this press release, Mr. Rodman may have further duties not detailed here, including bringing peace to the Middle East.  dennis rodman diplomacy




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Card Stories: An iPhone at the Bottom of a Pit Latrine

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Good morning! It’s hump day!

Like you, we are really regretting that extra beer we had with fireworks last night. And since you’re avoiding getting back to work, here’s a Card Story to liven up your morning.

Have you ever wondered if your iPhone would survive being launched into a steaming pile of fecal matter?? Me neither.

Until one day..

In the middle of East Africa and desperate for a pee, I squatted in the ever-awkward position over the 3-metre-deep pit latrine. Determined, focused and with the agile dexterity of the impala – I attempt not to let my precious toes make contact with the ground or, worse still, fall victim of the ‘spray effect’.

Upon hearing a squelchy thud, humour momentarily crossed my mind as to what had fallen into the vat of excrement below. Until I realised my iPhone, which had been conveniently lodged in the back pocket of my jeans, had been released from its position by the famous ‘gusset pull’.

What to do? Keep it quiet. I’m not going to live down the endless japing from the 5 friends circulating the nearby craft stall. Or… go for full disclosure and announce to the world “something really bad has happened”. An embarrassing cringe-worthy statement from a humanitarian worker who really should know better.

It turns out that as an accomplished professional in my (let’s-say) mid-thirties, I am one of the millions that inexplicably cannot do life without the demon Apple attached to my hand. Which means there is one thing for which I am prepared to wade around in a reservoir of bodily fluids (well, at least pay someone else to).

The unprecedented joyful response which ensued made me wonder why I had never done this before, and brought so much delight to so many. Exclaims of “this is the best weekend ever” and photos/videos/immediate social media posts of the event made me feel like a minor celebrity. How could I feel anything but pure happiness that my iPhone would forever be a carrier of Cholera.

The engineering skill of five men; cutting down trees, banana leaf binding with bottles and hoes, the removal of the latrine roof (yes, really) allowing the retrieval device to be vertically elevated, and the hour long commitment to the cause, meant that I was once again reunited with my precious piece of technology.

The good people of Apple will be enchanted to know that not only does it work perfectly, but it has earned me the catchy and, quite frankly, endearing nickname ‘Typhoid-Mary’.

It remains only the pity that despite extreme Dettol/waragi cleansing and cling-film cover, my little ‘bare-necessity’ can no longer be my pillow-side companion.

Like this story? Read more!

We here at JadedAid love our card stories; real life misadventures of the incidents depicted on our playing cards. Here are a few good ones:

Have your own? Do share your card story with us.

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JadedAid Expansion Pack is Now Available on Amazon!

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Doing that last minute online shopping? The JadedAid Expansion pack is now available on Amazon! Just in time for Xmas delivery.

TODAY (December 19th) is the last day to place your order on Amazon (with standard shipping) and get your order by December 24th. So while your filling up your cart, toss the JadedAid Original Deck or Expansion Pack in!

(It’s pretty darn fun to explain some of these cards to Grandma!)

If you you don’t order today, you can still get JadedAid into stockings or under the tree. You just have to act fast…

Happy holidays from all of us!

Jessica, Wayan and Teddy


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Order by December 20th for holiday delivery of JadedAid Original Decks, Expansion Packs or T-shirts!

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Postal carrier Bob McLean gets into the Christmas spirit along as Santa as he completes his route along 102nd Avenue SE in Bellevue on Wednesday. The 39-year postal veteran said this is his fifth season wearing the festive costume.Santa, the USPS and Amazon are getting busy! Don’t miss your delivery window to get JadedAid before December 25th!

Everyone is sending packages. Yours will get lost in the shuffle if you don’t ask fast. If you want to order JadedAid (or anything else, for that matter) and have it delivered in the United States by Christmas, you should order NOW!

Both the USPS and Amazon provide dates to help guide delivery speeds. Want the details? We’ve done the work for you…

If you are ordering Original Deck, Expansion Pack or T-shirts*! via JadedAid.com:

Priority Mail                 Dec 20

If you are ordering the Original Deck via Amazon:

Free shipping                Dec 16

Standard shipping       Dec 19

Two-day shipping        Dec 22

What are you waiting for?

Stuff those stockings, get set for Hanukah, or drop a HINT to your loved ones by posting this to social media. 


*Remember: Red & grey JadedAid T-shirts are 50% off through this Friday 12/16!


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Guy uses JadedAid t-shirt to get laid — we’re spreading the love with *50% off this week*

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The holidays can be a lonely time for us all. One innovative guy in DC has a solution… JadedAid can get you laid!

Inspired, we’re spreading the love this holiday season and giving you 50% off JadedAid t-shirts all week! Details below.


Screenshot from Tinder profile. Image cropping and modification to protect the innocent.

Our monitoring & evaluation team has not been able to verify the success of this intervention, but we think it is promising.

Our current theory of change*:

Cooling weather + holidays + JadedAid t-shirt


Some lovin’

To help increase our sample size and bring a little extra cheer to your holidays we’re giving you…

 50% off JadedAid t-shirts all week (Monday 12/12 – Friday 12/16).

Use coupon code: T-shirts! 

(apply at checkout)

For best results, we recommend wearing JadedAid t-shirts to the gym with all of your other USAID and donor-sponsored apparel and to events where copious amounts of alcohol will be consumed. If you really want to impress, make sure you brush up on the JadedAid t-shirt backstory so you can woo your mate of choice with your deep JadedAid knowledge. Let us know how it goes!

Happy holidays from Wayan, Jessica & Teddy!

*Our theory of change may be a crock of shit


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