The Rules

The Standard Rules

  • Each player draws 10 white cards to start the game.
  • The “Donor” reads a Red Card out loud. Others play a White Card they think goes best (yes…it’s subjective).
  • The Donor reads all pairings out loud and selects the White Card she likes the most. She awards the Red Card to that player.
  • The Donor role rotates clockwise.
  • The player with the most Red Cards at the end of the game wins!
  • After each round, players should draw a White Card so they have a total of 10.
  • When cards with 2 blanks are played, everyone draws 2 White Cards before playing.

The Donor Echo Chamber

  • Same rules as above, but the Donor role does not rotate clockwise. The Donor role is filled by the player who was victorious in the previous round, creating an echo chamber among players that think the same way and don’t want to entertain new ways of thinking.

Wired Nepotism

  • If you only have 2 to 3 players add to your “choices” by including a random card in the mix. You know it won’t win, but it’s important to have enough options so it doesn’t look wired.

Coffee & Cocktails 

  • Purchase or print a deck of JadedAid for every player.
  • Set a date and time that accommodates all players.
  • Secure beverages (coffee, cocktails or a coffee cocktail) that is appropriate for your time zone at time of play.
  • Login to a group chat on Skype, Google Hangout, or other video conferencing platform and play by having every player display their card at the same time.
  • Enjoy time with friends even after your contracts end and you occupy different parts of the world.

ICT4D Asynchronous Mobile “App”

  • The implementing partner sends a page of the PDF (White Cards only) to each player.
  • Establish an agreed upon order (we recommend alphabetical or by time zone to help keep order straight).
  • The implementing partner takes a picture of a red card, confirms the judge for that round and sends via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or other messaging app.
  • Each player “plays” a White Card by taking a picture of a card on their PDF sheet and posting in the app.
  • Play with Standard Rules.

JAICA Variation

  • Often referred to as creating a “Haiku” in Cards Against Humanity, rather than responding to a Red Card, all players select 3 cards from their hand to create a short poem. This can be done to end a regular game of JadedAid or repeated throughout. Note to all purists: Card combinations need not fit the 7-5-7 syllable format.

Double the Fun

  • Each player plays two cards each round. Great when you’re stuck in a remote village with only a few players!

JadedAid Selfie

  • Take a selfie that reflects a JadedAid card in the real world.  Example: Find yourself amidst a mass of government workers during a fire drill in the Ronald Reagan Building? Take a selfie! Taking a break from your assessment to enjoy some indigenous alcohol with the locals? Take a selfie!
  • Share your best shots with the JadedAid Community!

The Trump Card

  • Assign one player to be Trump and decide the winner of every round.
  • Make up your own questions or statements with a blank that involves President-Elect Donald Trump and pose it to the group.
  • All players (including Trump) play the white card he/she thinks pairs best and gleefully exclaims, “I’m playing the white card!”
  • Trump picks the card he (or she) likes best and points to unsuccessful players and says, “Your fired!”
  • Those fired spend the rest of the time scanning jobs boards for private sector opportunities that require expertise serving communities that have no money and very little market potential. …seriously. Look for jobs. Do you think USAID is going to have funding after the next two years?