Driving the Development Conversation with JadedAid

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When we first envisioned JadedAid, we thought we’d make a fun little game we could play with friends while we shared a few beers. Along the development process, we realized that JadedAid had the potential to catalyze real transformative dialog at various development institutions and industry confabs.

JadedAid isn’t just a distraction to keep you from remembering how many beers you (probably shouldn’t have) had, it is a prism into our everyday frustrations as worker bees in the DIC.

In April, I gave a talk at Switchpoint, the premier collision point of dialogs on “humanitarian innovation, global health, and technology.” The title of my talk was “JadedAid, jargon, and real innovation.” But I decided to deviate slightly from the topic to focus on the personal.

As I’ve talked about in a previous Card Story, we all have a role to play in making the world a better place. However, it continues to be the case that there are limited roles for members of the Global South to have meaningful careers and roles in international development.


One of the cool things that happened later in the day in the break out sessions was how organizations and practitioners in speak and represent the work that they do. A lot of the themes our game touches on are around how we communicate the work that we do. Do we insert ourselves into the story, as the voice for a cause or are we there to elevate local capacity and voices that are actually working on those issues?

It was a great discussion and an opportunity to watch communications professionals at high powered aid organizations grapple with their organizations mode of communicating and representation.

If you haven’t yet, have a watch and let us know what you think.

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Guess Who Won Our Best Amazon Review Contest for June

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Ever since we debuted the JadedAid original card game on Amazon.com, we’ve been enjoying the reviews that you have submitted so far. You all have serious creativity, probably while hitting the village hooch!.

June 2016 Amazon JadedAid Review Winners!

We took some time to read through June’s submissions. After snorting beer through our noses, we selected two JadedAid T-Shirt winners. Cards down our two favorite reviews were from Siobhan Green and Sare.


I’m using it as a litmus test for friends / colleagues / random expats.
Outcome 1: Obsession verging on mild addiction? No way! Me too! Drinking buddies forever.
Outcome 2: Badly concealed shock and disapproval? I’m taking bets on your eventual self-righteous meltdown.
Either way, it’s hilarious.

Siobhan Green

I have never finished a game, as I collapse in both laughter and shame before getting to the end…

Submit your comment and win!

While we liked this month’s short and sweet reviews, we’re a sucker for longer Amazon reviews too, especially if you add photos (hint, hint).

Be sure to write your own review on Amazon and be a contender for free JadedAid T-Shirt swag – available in USAID Branding Guide Red and Brixit London Gray – to rock your next staff meeting, cluster meeting, or drunken meetup!

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Your Dream Come True: JadedAid Expansion Packs

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Sustainable innovation at scale requires constant adaptive management, best if it leads to project extensions and a follow-on award. That’s why we’re excited to announce our next effort to please the donor at any cost:

JadedAid Expansion Packs

We will be releasing 54-card JadedAid expansion packs this fall, and in our participatory user-centered tradition, we’re making all voices count! We’re turning to you, our stakeholder ecosystem, to help us break through existing constraints and achieve a new level of resilience.

Please Vote Today

We need your help in deciding which expansion packs to offer first. Please take this brief survey to:

  1. Vote for your favorite expansion pack theme. Options include:
    • International Edition that takes the piss out of donors like DFID, The Banks, UN, etc.
    • Innovation Edition with ICT, drones, challenges, social enterprises and other silver bullet solutions
    • Peace Corps Edition so you can brag about your two years getting drunk in the bush
    • Gender Edition that delivers empowerment jargon that mascaras as impact, in a special pink case
    • M&E Edition of blank cards so you can make up whatever outcomes will please the donor
    • Other? Tell us what you need to get through the next fiscal year end.
  2. Suggest question & answer cards for the theme of your choice.
    • The original JadedAid deck was made from over 2,000 card suggestions, which is why you love it so much. If we use your card idea in the final versions, you get a free expansion pack!

Voting Deadline is July 22! After that, you can still submit card ideas and start pre-ordering the chosen expansion pack.

Buy the JadedAid Combo Pack

In the mean time, check out our band new JadedAid Combo Pack: a Card Deck and T-Shirt for only $30a 25% savings! That’s a deal so good, you should Get One, Give One right now.

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