The Cards


When we decided to create a full-sized card game that spoke to the issues we face in the international development and humanitarian response sectors, we crowdsourced card ideas not knowing what the response would be… Turns out we hit on something BIG! Development professionals from around the world submitted over 2,000 entries, some of which unearthed serious issues and highlighted that everything is not sunny in the world of international development. This inspired us to take a second look at the role of JadedAid and how the game could use humor as a catalyst for discussion — JadedAid not just a drinking game to be played to relax after a hard day saving the world, but also a vector for change.

Do JadedAid Cards Make You Feel Uneasy?

Very quickly, we realized that many card suggestions made us very uneasy. There is a fine line between irony, sarcasm, and critique v. pure bitterness and burnout. What was our role as currators?

We decided early on that we needed to leave a few cards in the deck that were tapping into professional pain. Acknowledging issues, even if drunkenly with friends, can be the first step to effecting change. We strongly believe JadedAid can be part of the solution to those issues.

We are exploring ways to use JadedAid as an opportunity to open higher-level discussions on the state of international development, and the changes that needed to take place to improve it. This includes the CardStories blogposts where contributors talk about the funny and frustrating stories that inspired their card suggestions as well as discussion events. We welcome your ideas and feedback on we can help further the discussions. Let’s make the JadedAid card deck a relic of the past!

Join the Conversation! Suggest a Card.

Do you have an issue you think should be raised? Or just a funny idea for a JadedAid card? Then tell us about it, and if your idea is used in a future JadedAid game, we’ll send you a free card deck!

Note: In the case of duplicate entries, a free deck will be given to the first submission.