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Guy uses JadedAid t-shirt to get laid — we’re spreading the love with *50% off this week*

The holidays can be a lonely time for us all. One innovative guy in DC has a solution… JadedAid can get you laid!

Inspired, we’re spreading the love this holiday season and giving you 50% off JadedAid t-shirts all week! Details below.



Screenshot from Tinder profile. Image cropping and modification to protect the innocent.

Our monitoring & evaluation team has not been able to verify the success of this intervention, but we think it is promising.

Our current theory of change*:

Cooling weather + holidays + JadedAid t-shirt


Some lovin’

To help increase our sample size and bring a little extra cheer to your holidays we’re giving you…

 50% off JadedAid t-shirts all week (Monday 12/12 – Friday 12/16).

Use coupon code: T-shirts! 

(apply at checkout)

For best results, we recommend wearing JadedAid t-shirts to the gym with all of your other USAID and donor-sponsored apparel and to events where copious amounts of alcohol will be consumed. If you really want to impress, make sure you brush up on the JadedAid t-shirt backstory so you can woo your mate of choice with your deep JadedAid knowledge. Let us know how it goes!

Happy holidays from Wayan, Jessica & Teddy!

*Our theory of change may be a crock of shit


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