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Order by December 20th for holiday delivery of JadedAid Original Decks, Expansion Packs or T-shirts!

Postal carrier Bob McLean gets into the Christmas spirit along as Santa as he completes his route along 102nd Avenue SE in Bellevue on Wednesday. The 39-year postal veteran said this is his fifth season wearing the festive costume.Santa, the USPS and Amazon are getting busy! Don’t miss your delivery window to get JadedAid before December 25th!

Everyone is sending packages. Yours will get lost in the shuffle if you don’t ask fast. If you want to order JadedAid (or anything else, for that matter) and have it delivered in the United States by Christmas, you should order NOW!

Both the USPS and Amazon provide dates to help guide delivery speeds. Want the details? We’ve done the work for you…

If you are ordering Original Deck, Expansion Pack or T-shirts*! via

Priority Mail                 Dec 20

If you are ordering the Original Deck via Amazon:

Free shipping                Dec 16

Standard shipping       Dec 19

Two-day shipping        Dec 22

What are you waiting for?

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*Remember: Red & grey JadedAid T-shirts are 50% off through this Friday 12/16!


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