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Sexting Using JadedAid Answer Cards – JadedAid Card Stories

Here at JadedAid, it was our hope that our humble card game would drive the kind of conversations in the development sector that could prove to be transformative. We wanted to deliver the kind of change to the Aid Industrial Complex that would make ‘Sean Penn’s Glock‘ jobless.

We hoped for truly in-depth soul searching as to how to stop ‘pleasing the donor at all cost’ and deliver innovative solutions that can only be delivered by development innovators innovating innovation.

Welcome to JadedAid Sexting

So yeah… that didn’t happen. What we’ve got instead is a very creative development innovator who decided to up her Tinder game by only responding with JadedAid white cards.

The conversation below starts hilariously benign and then just unravels from there on out.  I wonder if you could make a chat bot that just responds with JadedAid-isms for social media apps?

tinder chat jadedaid

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