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CardStories: The eternal tension between prostitution and entrepreneurship


Originally submitted as “The eternal struggle between prostitution and entrepreneurship.”

In my first posting overseas, one of the host country nationals in our IT shop worked a lot of late hours.¬† He’d happily stay in the office far into the evening. We were all impressed with his dedication to duty until we found out he was using the company’s reliable, high-bandwidth internet connection to download gigabytes of hardcore pornography, which he then burnt onto DVDs and sold in the local market.

He was fired, but I wonder if that was the right thing to do. After all, wasn’t he demonstrating exactly the kind of creative thinking and sustained effort that we were trying to encourage in our economic growth program? Didn’t he have the initiative and consumer-driven savvy that was so sorely lacking in the private sector? We shouldn’t have fired him — we should have given him a grant. Or at least sent him to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo…

Anyway, prostitution is terrible and I really don’t want to write anything funny about it, but I guess I already did. Some people will do anything for money. Or a free deck of JadedAid.

The Fool, Esq. submitted the most successful card suggestions to JadedAid (a whopping eight!) and was recently promoted into senior leadership position for a large bilateral donor organization. Weep for the children.

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