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Do you love JadedAid, but have a love/hate relationship with your job? Are you frustrated by the Development Industry Complex – the DIC?

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JadedAid as Academic Research

I am Nadine Connock, and my thesis is “Aidland: Understanding Humanitarian Logic” where I am using Jaded Aid as virtual ethnography and visual methodology for clues to data, observation and verbal behaviour of aid workers.

My aim is to collate responses and feedback regarding stereotypes to understand how governing structures shape cynicism and sarcasm that lead to the need for JadedAid card games as a coping mechanism.

Take the survey now – Deadline is April 30

The survey is completely anonymous and is for university research purposes only.

Humanitarianism is complex and the disconnect between mainstream media articles, popular photojournalism and what really happens is best understood by those on the ground. I believe that a survey based on JadedAid offers an alternate access to the ‘field’ mindset and can lead to better understand humanitarian aid workers and the struggles we face.

I hope you find this survey as cathartic and fun as the game itself. Thank you in advance.

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