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diplomatic pouch dulles

Guess what is the most popular city for JadedAid Card shipments. Go on, give it a think. Here are a few common guesses to help you:

  • Washington, DC, with all its development workers
  • New York, with the United Nations
  • Geneva, with the alphabet soup of UN agencies

Nope, none of them. The single most popular city for JadedAid is Dulles Virginia. Why Dulles though? It’s not a big place, and pretty much only known for its airport… oh wait!

Dulles Airport Parcel Privileges

A badly held secret is that USAID Careers and U.S. Department of State jobs give you a magical address at Dulles Airport that allows you to pay domestic shipping and receive packages at your international post.

We send countless JadedAid shipments to 1 Bamako Way, 3 Kathmandu Drive, or 6 Jakarta Street, Dulles Virginia, 20189. All of which will be arriving at USAID or State Department posts around the world – with free shipping!

Have a Dulles address? Order Now for Xmas delivery!

While the rest of us have to plead with friends visiting the States to bring our orders, these lucky folks just have Amazon deliver to Dulles.

Even better is the return trip. Staff with diplomatic pouch privileges also get to smuggle, I mean ship back their loot without worrying about export laws or customs checks. It’s the best way to get your adopted African street dog into the USA!

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