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Last Chance to GIZ in Your Friend’s Stocking this Christmas

In 2011, the German development agency changed its name to Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, or GIZ.

Like you, my colleagues and I were stunned. Had the Germans really failed to recognize that GIZ was a homonym for the slang term for male ejaculate? Had they no culturally fluent English speakers in their communications department?

Our horror soon turned to feverish fun by coming up with taglines such as…

    • GIZ: Relief at its finest
    • GIZ: Sowing the seeds for a better life
    • GIZ: Touching people everywhere
    • GIZ: Lending a hand
    • GIZ: Well endowed and willing to go all the way
    • GIZ: Development that trickles down
  • GIZ: Making development sexy again

Now its your turn to squirt out hours of GIZ – with JadedAid!

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