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New JadedAid Card Game Rules: The Trump Card

At JadedAid we spend a lot of time pointing out the ridiculous things happening in other countries. After Tuesday, we realized that, in fact, America is now the biggest joke in the world, overtaking Berluscone and Brexit (you’re welcome, Italy and Great Britain).

We know this is a hard time for many JadedAid supporters – especially those struggling to understand and explain what’s going on while living abroad. So, we’ve created a new set of rules you can use with your JadedAid deck that just might bring laughter back into your life…

The Trump Card

  • Assign one player to be Trump and decide the winner of every round.
  • Use the blank cards in your JadedAid deck to make up your own questions or statements involving President-Elect Donald Trump and pose it to the group.
  • All players (including Trump) play the white card he/she thinks pairs best and gleefully exclaims, “I’m playing the White Card!”
  • Trump picks the card he (or she) likes best and points to unsuccessful players and says, “You’re Fired!”
  • Those fired spend the rest of the time scanning jobs boards for private sector opportunities that require expertise serving communities that have no money and very little market potential. …seriously. Look for jobs! Do you think USAID is going to have funding after the next two years?

When you get tired of Trump, you can play other JadedAid variations such as The Donor Echo Chamber or Wired Nepotism and remember the good old days!

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