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We’re Loving Barbie Savior!

Barbie Savior’s work in East Africa has inspired us all! Through her new website and carefully curated social media presence, she is single-handedly raising awareness of development’s most pressing challenges through her brave helpies and good old-fashioned colonial values.

Someone like Barbie Savior doesn’t come along every day. It may be a whole year until the next graduation cycle delivers another one like her.

We can’t just sit idly by and let her be forgotten like that time the UN recognized Palestine. She must be celebrated! At JadedAid, we’re finding inspiration from Barbie Savior to create new cards for our games.

We challenge you to make your own Barbie Savior inspired cards too!

BarbieSavior  may just be just what you need to finally get around to using those blank cards in your deck. (You know thoseblank cards weren’t a printing mistake, right?)

Post your Barbie Savior inspired (or other) card ideas and combinations to  Facebook and Twitter. Our favorite social post each month wins a JadedAid t-shirt!

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