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Your Dream Come True: JadedAid Expansion Packs


Sustainable innovation at scale requires constant adaptive management, best if it leads to project extensions and a follow-on award. That’s why we’re excited to announce our next effort to please the donor at any cost:

JadedAid Expansion Packs

We will be releasing 54-card JadedAid expansion packs this fall, and in our participatory user-centered tradition, we’re making all voices count! We’re turning to you, our stakeholder ecosystem, to help us break through existing constraints and achieve a new level of resilience.

Please Vote Today

We need your help in deciding which expansion packs to offer first. Please take this brief survey to:

  1. Vote for your favorite expansion pack theme. Options include:
    • International Edition that takes the piss out of donors like DFID, The Banks, UN, etc.
    • Innovation Edition with ICT, drones, challenges, social enterprises and other silver bullet solutions
    • Peace Corps Edition so you can brag about your two years getting drunk in the bush
    • Gender Edition that delivers empowerment jargon that mascaras as impact, in a special pink case
    • M&E Edition of blank cards so you can make up whatever outcomes will please the donor
    • Other? Tell us what you need to get through the next fiscal year end.
  2. Suggest question & answer cards for the theme of your choice.
    • The original JadedAid deck was made from over 2,000 card suggestions, which is why you love it so much. If we use your card idea in the final versions, you get a free expansion pack!

Voting Deadline is July 22! After that, you can still submit card ideas and start pre-ordering the chosen expansion pack.

Buy the JadedAid Combo Pack

In the mean time, check out our band new JadedAid Combo Pack: a Card Deck and T-Shirt for only $30a 25% savings! That’s a deal so good, you should Get One, Give One right now.

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