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Join Us For Global JadedAid Zoom Play Party Day!

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What do you miss most about 2020, as you shelter in place today? Is it the joy of finding the closest workshop venue outside the capital that qualifies for per diems? The sustainable grassroots change that was supposed to come from that damn mural? Or the simpler days of Dennis Rodman Diplomacy?

We bet its the camaraderie of friends who commensurate about dropping their iPhone in a pit latrine. Same for us too! That’s why we’re here to save you from the holiday doldrums with a fun play date.

Join Us on Global JadedAid Zoom Day!

In the spirit of random days assigned vague significance, we are declaring December 10th to be Global JadedAid Zoom Play Party Day! Celebrate the insanity of international development with your friends, colleagues, and your favorite JadedAid co-founders.

Play JadedAid With Us
Mega Zoom Party
December 10, 2020
7pm-10pm Eastern Time
Advanced Registration Required

Yes, we’re inviting you to a massively multiplayer online JadedAid Play Party! Don’t worry, everyone will be assigned smaller, more manageable Zoom rooms where you can play JadedAid with your new best friends!

Be sure to sport a cool JadedAid T-shirt!

If you don’t want to mix with strangers, then host your own JadedAid Zoom Play Party. Actually, please host your own. Your friends theories of change are a crock of sh*t!

JadedAid Zoom Play Party Rules

We’ve developed fun JadedAid Zoom Play Party rules through an extensive multi-stakeholder dialogue with the Humanitarians of Tinder. These Zoom play party rules build on our other JadedAid game rules that you know and love.

  1. Invite your friends to your favorite video conferencing system
  2. Make sure everyone has real JadedAid cards or print-at-home cards
  3. Next, put on your JadedAid t-shirt to show them who’s the boss.
  4. Everyone picks 10 random white cards from their personal pile. It doesn’t matter if multiple people have the same white cards.
  5. Whoever tried to talk while on mute last is the first judge.
  6. The judge reads a random red question card out loud – not on mute.
  7. Everyone else selects the white card they want to play. When ready, each player holds the white card up with the text facing them. This hides the text and indicates they are ready to reveal their answer.
  8. The judge calls out who they want to go and reads the red question card (Example: “Jessica, The last mile is paved with…”)
  9. The judge calls on each player in turn and they read their answer and hold their card up to the camera
  10. The judge picks a winner! If two players play the same white card, it is a tie
  11. Keep score by typing the winner’s name in the chat. That way everyone can see the score
  12. Winner of the round becomes the judge for the next round (Caution! See Donor’s Echo Chamber)
  13. All players should have 10 white cards at any given time, so replenish white cards after each round
  14. Whomever has the most red cards, or is laughing the most, wins the night!

Send Us Your New Card Ideas!

We are developing a new 600-card JadedAid card deck for publication in early 2021. We need your help to create new cards that are relevant to development today. As you play JadedAid on December 10th, be sure to write down your brilliant card ideas. Then…

Submit your card ideas here.

We’ve made up a few new card ideas to get you thinking about how we can bring laughter to underpaid interns next year:

Red Cards

  • ________ is a first world problem.
  • I spent two years in Cambodia and all I got was _____.
  • My social enterprise is like Uber for _____________.
  • Why did the randomized control trial fail?

White Cards

  • A bar tab bigger than your project’s budget
  • Combating climate change by flying to conferences
  • Establishing prime-sub relationships
  • Getting sold to another minibus
  • Taking a selfie with the goat you will eat for dinner
  • The poor life choices that got me here

The best way to think of new cards is to play JadedAid on December 10th and remember the time that your vibrator was confiscated at the airport. Such inspiration could win you a lifetime of fame with your very own JadedAid cards!

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